R&B Kahle specialise in all areas of landscaping & landscape gardening.

R&B Kahle believe that designing and constructing a garden for your home or business is one of the most important parts of your building's presentation.

A building presented on its own is not nearly as impressive as one landscaped to compliment your building’s design. Here are some of the specialist landscaping services R&B Kahle can provide.


We will create a sensible landscaping design plan based on the materials to be used, the space required and planting logistics, all enabling a smooth running job and above all ensuring your garden landscaping meets all your desires.


When you choose R&B Kahle Landscaping for your horticultural needs you can be assured that we will determine the best style of lawn to be laid and most appropriate plants to be planted within the landscaping area. Our knowledge of plant species particularly for the coastal regions in Victoria will ensure your money is spent safely on plants that will thrive in your area.


Many avid gardeners realise how little water their gardens need to survive, even for a garden that was planted without much thought to water use. So imagine how little water your garden would need if you designed it to be water wise and low maintenance. While we love a beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing gardens, these can be achieved with a waterwise plan without compromise.


With a large, flexible team, with skills ranging from small new and established gardening & landscaping to large scale corporate development, DD’s can assist with your landscape needs, and can provide no obligation free quotes at your home.


With vast experience in decking, lighting, water features, rockeries, retaining walls, paving and native gardens whatever the type of garden you visualise we can deliver.


Quickly becoming one of the most popular new garden innovations, garden decking and decking screens is a great way to add some character and class to your landscaping, while also being functional: decking is useful for entertainment areas, pergolas, garden walls and plant boxes. Decking is also a great substitute for grass and garden areas to help with drought tolerance.


For a sturdy and clean entertainment area, path, or courtyard, R&B Kahle can assist with various styles of paving. Also a very effective substitute for grass, paving is a powerful tool for drought tolerance and modern living, and is a versatile feature for any landscape gardening project.


Retaining walls can add character to a sloping lanscape, and provide flat, usable terrain in an area that would othewise be sloped and unstable. A standout feature of any landscape gardening project, they can be created with blocks, decking, sleepers & even rocks & stones.