R&B Kahle have a strong belief in looking after our future today.

Where possible we use environmentally friendly materials and utilise efficient building designs to maximise the energy savings for your building. We can show you how to combine your needs, stunning aesthetics and excellent environmental performance.

You will benefit from our collaborative approach. As builders and landscapers we listen to you and believe this is one aspect where we stand out.

Our body of work contains a broad range of sustainable designs ranging from technological solutions to strawbale construction.

If you are thinking about going green either part or the whole nine yards, then please give us a call to discuss the excellent opportunities on offer. We’ll work very closely with your architect or building designers to achieve your vision.

R & B Kahle Building and Landscaping can help you with the following service


Premium homes, townhouses and units


Big or small renovations to extensions


Environmentally sensitive and sustainable homes


From design concept to final build